About Bellifly

Hi!  I’m Jessica!  I’m a wife, mother of three sweet kiddos, and the designer of the Bellifly maternity and feeding pillow.  Let me tell you a little bit about it!

Bellifly is a different type of pregnancy support pillow…

When you hear “maternity pillow” you probably envision a full-size, bulky pillow.  Bellifly is unique, in that it’s compact, but still offers simultaneous belly and hip support.

I came up with the design during my pregnancy with our middle baby.  Like so many moms-to-be, I found sleeping on my side to be uncomfortable once my belly started getting big enough to pull on my spine.  Belly wedges just weren’t cutting it and traditional maternity pillows didn’t give me the belly support I was looking for…plus, I didn’t want to spend a fortune!

Using my limited sewing skills, I constructed myself my version of a “perfect” pillow.  It was compact.  It was supportive.  It stretched in the middle to move with me as I adjusted my sleep position throughout the night.  And I woke up well-rested with significantly less hip and back pain.

After our daughter was born I ended up using the pillow for nursing and it gave me the perfect amount of support.  It was also much more “moldable” than any other nursing pillow I had previously tried.  This is a great feature because it’s just not comfortable to stay in the exact same position all the time – especially during those long cluster feeding days!

This pillow helped me so much that I just knew I had to make it available to the masses!  I set out to find the perfect manufacturer to partner with and we spent months perfecting the design.  I was set on a high-quality, durable product,  manufactured in the USA.  And, because all moms deserve to feel special (especially during pregnancy) I also knew it had to be pretty!

Introducing the Bellifly pillow…I hope you love it as much as I did!


“Motherhood is beautiful…and now your maternity pillow can be, too!”