How to Use

The Bellifly pillow can be used in a number of ways!

For maternity support, try the following positions:

  • Doubled up between your knees to relieve hip/pelvic strain.  This position is also particularly useful postpartum, as your body attempts to bounce back to its “new” normal.
  • One side under your belly and one side between your knees.  The middle will stretch as you change positions throughout the night!
  • One side under your belly and one side behind your back.  This will give you both belly and back support and allow you to flip from side to side, while still maintaining that support.
  • Use it as a back rest!  Since it’s so portable and compact, you can take it with you for traveling!

Side by side


IMG_2520   IMG_2563


For nursing/bottle feeding:

The Bellifly pillow is also great for feeding support, because it will mold into a variety of positions.  You can use it across your entire lap to elevate baby to a comfortable height or you can use it on one side only.


It would also work great for feeding twins, using the football hold, with the pillow stretched across your lap and one baby on each side.

More feeding demonstration photos to come once I get a few more willing models!

Caution: Never leave baby unattended with pillow, don’t use for nursing when feeling drowsy, and do not use in a crib or bassinet.

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